It Starts with Your Story

At TurnKey Financial Partners, the first thing we do is thoroughly review your current situation. Our goal: get to know all the aspects of your financial life. Having this in-depth knowledge enables us to better understand you and effectively address all your financial needs, so you can stay on track to achieve your goals.


Seeing Your Perspective

Our business started in Connecticut, so we understand the type of service northerners expect from their advisors: receptive, responsive and resourceful. As fiduciaries, we’re always looking out for your best interests. And we firmly believe in educating you on all the factors that affect you financially. We're here to help you create a strong financial plan that's personalized to your unique situation, provides clarity, and gives you confidence about your future.

Understanding Your Approach to Risk

TurnKey Financial Partners offers innovative technology to help you better understand your comfort with investment risk.

Complete a five-minute quiz that covers your top financial goals and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains. You’ll find that understanding your risk number helps to ensure your portfolio aligns with your needs and empowers you as an investor.

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